Chinese Shopping


   Company has "zhongyuan machinery factory is located in the common satellite city" reputation of the town - water.Factory covers an area of 20 acres, has a modern standard factory building 12000 square meters, the factory water, electricity, road and district, living quarters and other supporting facilities.Surrounding traffic convenience, the related auxiliary numerous enterprises, formed the technology, equipment, personnel, and a highly developed industry information and sharing, for the subsequent development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.
   Shop has many new CNC lathes, CNC bending machine, shearing machine, car, milling machine, radial drilling machine, sawing machine, punching machine, wire cutting, profiling cutting, argon arc welding, CO2 protection welding and other professional equipment.
    Company in 2013 in nanyang 50 mu production base construction land expropriation, in 2015, after the production will bring higher degree of automation to the masses of customers, product quality more stable quality product.